Archery GB

National Governing Body

The governing Body for the sport of archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Northern County Archery Society

Regional Governing Body

When the G.N.A.S. (Now ArcheryGB) was created, the ‘British Isles and Northern Ireland’ was split into ‘Regions’ This region was set-up to serve the five Northern Counties of England, plus the Isle of Man, with representation on the ‘National Council’. This council has been replaced by a ‘Board of Directors’ but the region maintains some of it’s original authority.

Cheshire Archery Association

County Governing Body

Cheshire Archery Association (CAA) was formed in 1954, when the then Cheshire and Lancashire Archery Association decided to form their own separate organisations. The first Annual General Meeting was held at 'The Saracen's Head' at Warburton, near Lymm.

Today the CAA covers the current county of Cheshire, plus the Wirral peninsula and part of south and east Manchester . The CAA is the governing body for the sport of archery within this area and is affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) and to the Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS).

Interesting archery facts

  • The first recorded use of the bow and arrow was in Germany around 10,000 BC.
  • Archery was a development of spear throwing.
  • Many ancient armies used archers to try and reduce the numbers of the enemy before the swordsmen started battle.
  • Even after firearms had been invented, many armies still preferred to use bows and arrows.
  • Archery had a revival in the 18th century with many clubs and societies amongst the English gentry.
  • Many deities and heroes from different cultures are portrayed as archers such as Cupid, Artemis, Apollo, Heracles and Shiva.
  • An archery lover is known as a toxophilite.
  • Archery is the national sport of Bhutan, with a archery range in most villages.
  • The arrow travels at about 240km/h when fired from a bow but some competitors can make speeds of over 320km/h.
  • Kyudo is a martial art that features archery.
  • Archery has been in the Olympics on-and-off since 1900. Nowadays there are four Olympic events.
  • In a tournament, an archer will pick up and draw his bow over 300 times, the equivalent of picking up 7.8 tons over 4 days!

Arrows were traditionally made of wood, but are these days usually made of carbon fibre.